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2021 Trends

1st December 2020

The vibe for 2021 was always going to have a bit of go big or go home sense after 2020 but the trends for 2021 are extravagance, luxury, sustainability and above all else love. Read on to find out what you can expect from the wedding industry in 2021.

Following the year 2020 trends were always in for a dramatic change. Often you see the same trend hang around for a couple of years before they fizzle out but 2021 will see a dramatic change and a divide among brides.

The wedding industry has had to adapt massively during 2020. A big shift which has already come in the play is sourcing local suppliers. So instead of having food travel the whole of the United Kingdom, we are now all looking closer to home. We have all found ourselves looking for the organically grown produce at the local farm shop, butchers and greengrocers. While we couldn’t travel to supermarkets or didn’t want to wait in the queues, these people were offering delivery of the essentials. Now, local shop owners have become our friends so it would be silly to go back to the madness of having food moved across the country for something like your wedding. Chefs are looking at local produce and seasonal flavours to create wedding meals. The local suppliers list doesn’t stop with food either, couples are looking at companies closer to home for all of their wedding needs. We are buying more handmade products for weddings, using local stationers to create bespoke invites and even dress makers customising gowns and suits from locally sourced materials. This is of course great news for the UK economy and everyone in the wedding industry.

The divide between couples is only going to get bigger. After a harrowing year of postponements and disappointment couples have really looked at their dream day and taken stock of what they want from their wedding day. They have decided to go bigger than before or slimline the whole thing and just get married. 2021 isn’t the end of the micro wedding just yet, some couples are embracing the small do and still going with a wedding of 30 guests but concentrating on making things more luxurious. On the flip side of this, lots of couples have held back and decided the bigger the better. 2021 is going to be a busy one with weekday weddings to fit in all the postponements and couples wanting the celebrations to last all week in some cases. The couples who have held back have all had extra time and funds to put into their big day to make it bigger and better. Venue décor with be over sized, the bouquets and flower arrangements will be extravagant. Even the entertainment will change with an introduction of circus performers and tarot readers improving the over all guest experience.

The glamour of Hollywood will be right on trend in 2021 and why not after a year of minimal socialising, this is the chance for couples and guests to pull out all the stops. While wedding dresses are being sourced sustainably, they are still big and the fairy tale princess style is still a firm favourite with 2021 brides. Luxurious fabrics like Duchess Silks are being used to create the large princess skirts and corsets. Couples are also looking at spending more on meaningful pieces like pocket watches and tiaras. The meaning behind this is a quite traditional one. These pieces will be handed down as heirlooms in the future and while we were on the family subject there is a massive baby boom predicted for 2021. Most couples have held off starting their family until they are married with more weddings planned for next year more couples will be planning their families. 

Weddings in 2021 are still traditional affairs with the main components at the heart of the day. What is apparent is that family and loved ones are still the most important part of the day. And one tradition that isn’t going any where is the first dance. Couples will have waited even longer than most for this special moment and Etta James’ song At Last is pipped to be the most popular choice this year.

After a long year of staying home we will see a lot more DIY work in weddings. Couples have had more time on their hands than any others to create handmade pieces for their wedding day. Handmade meaning full favours will be a big component of the wedding with couples expressing gratitude through these thoughtful parts of the day. We can also expect to see a lot of homemade cakes, floral arrangements, and other crafty pieces with loved ones having the time to get more involved.

Colour palettes will shift slightly away from Ivory and blush and move towards a pastel montage. Pale blues, greens, pinks and yellows are being introduced in bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories. If you are looking for a bold colour for 2021 you are looking at a buttery palette ranging from mustard and ochre right through to pale yellows which are perfect for those autumnal and spring days.

Finally, photography is going to be less rigid. No posed photographs and more of an editorial or journalistic view of your wedding day is going to be more favourable in 2021. This will enable photographers to capture reactions and expressions and all the memories from your special day.