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Celebrate the date

12th June 2020

Amy is our events operations executive and a locked down bride and has looked at the best ways you can still celebrate the day that would have been. Why not mark the day by making special memories? From doorstep photoshoots to cutting the cake, Amy shares some unique ideas to help you celebrate your big day lock-down style

In the run up to any wedding day, couples should have a mixture of feelings and rightly so. The prospect of spending the rest of your life with the one you love and beginning new adventures together brings excitement, nerves, and happiness all at once. The usual happy tears on the day are being replaced with new feelings for the brides and grooms of 2020. These couples have been thrown headfirst into the coronavirus pandemic. The excitement now replaced with uncertainty, happiness turns to heart break and the nerves become sheer panic. Working in the industry and as a bride to be I looked on in horror as the industry came to an abrupt halt. Limitations were placed on ceremonies and venues meaning the wedding of my dreams legally could not happen. 

After lots of conversations with my partner and colleagues I became a postponed bride. While I made the decision to change my wedding date, lots of couples had no choice and while I felt relief that the pressure was off, those couples have had to deal with the loss of their wedding date.

With my wedding plans on hold for now, I wrapped my head around new words like social distancing and isolation. I then started thinking about ways brides and grooms could still make the date special and fill the original wedding date with memories, not that this pandemic is something anyone will forget in a hurry.  

Whilst nothing can take away the disappointment of rescheduling your wedding, I have some ideas on how you can still celebrate the original date.

  1. Write and sign some promises to each other.

Make some promises like you would your vows and sign them. You could even get these framed to remind you of what you have been through as a couple.

  1. Set up a photo shoot.

Get some confetti, get dressed up, do your makeup, set up your tripod and mark the day with a photo, this is sure to be a keeper. Some couples have even arranged a photo shot on the doorstep with their photographer.  

Get some banners, blow up some balloons and arrange some flowers into centre pieces. Light some candles and set the scene for your almost big day.

  1. Zoom call your loved ones.

Family and friends are so important on the day so they should be involved in some way. A zoom call is perfect to catch up like you would on the day as I am sure they are all disappointed too. Maybe your loved ones could give bite size speeches like they would have on the day.

  1. Have a special meal.

Whether this is your favourite meal to cook together, a takeaway or something else, make it special. This was meant to be your wedding breakfast; the first meal as Mr & Mrs.

  1. Have your first dance.

Move the sofas out of the way and turn the lights down. Get your favourite track on and dance like no one is watching. You may even pick up some new moves for your real first dance.

  1. Pop the cork on some bubbly.

This is an absolute must, open your favourite bottle of bubbles and toast your love for one another, and celebrate your date.

  1. Upgrade your wedding.

Was there something your budget would not allow for? With the extra time is this now achievable? Why not book it or buy it for your new date?

  1. Cut the cake.

Don’t forget the cake. No celebration is complete without cake. Cutting the cake symbolises the first activity done as a couple so why not incorporate this in your nearly wedding day.

  1. Announce your new date.

Why not let your guests know about your new date today? You could do a countdown in days and hours, so they have to work out the new date.