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Micro weddings

25th June 2020

I am elated that the current ban on marriages has been lifted this week and while we don’t know the details yet, you can be assured that everyone in the wedding industry is ready to pounce on those guidelines and give you the best wedding day ever. Amy, our events operations executive has been looking at micro weddings and how your day can go from the big day you imagined to a small and intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest.

With lockdowns lifting all over the country, lots of couples will be looking to cut their guests lists to accommodate new rules surrounding Corona-virus and while you may not be looking at the huge wedding day you had planned, I want to look at ways you can still celebrate, at a time when love is so important. Micro weddings have been sweeping the industry worldwide for the last couple of years. These couples are choosing to save on their big day by holding smaller gatherings but going big on other things such as the venues, the décor and food. I want to introduce this small concept of wedding which will be key for weddings in the near future. I want to show you that you can still have a luxurious celebration without the crowds.

A micro wedding can be anything from 50 guests or under but in my opinion, it really is the smaller the better. If you are one of the couples who have decided to strip back your celebration and have a micro wedding but are struggling with your guest list, have look at the 3-month rule. This rule is key to having a small intimate celebration and being comfortable in the company you have chosen. So take a good look at your social media, ask yourself if you have been in contact with this person in the last 3 months, then look at whether this contact is personal if the answer is no but you are still not sure ask yourself if you are prepared to pay for a meal for this person and a plus one. While this may sound harsh the whole point of a micro wedding is the company. You will be spending quality 1 on 1 time with each of your guests not flitting from one table to the next just saying hello so a good relationship with this guest is a must.

When choosing your micro wedding venue, you have the world at your feet. Most couples are so restricted when if comes to numbers they get tied into a venue that does not mean much to them it can just accommodate large numbers. So why not look outside the box. If social distancing still in place you will need to look a clever way to use the space. Lysaght has already set up the ballroom with social distancing rules adhered to and the space on the tables could be filled with flowers and greenery. Décor can be more extravagant with more space on a table but less tables to dress and decorate spaces that will not be used as much. The dancefloor could be more of a focal point than a place to dance. With smaller numbers you can look at having a more luxurious meal, and catering for your guests will be a lot easier. You could look at a live musician to play while you eat. Remember that bands with lots of members can be overwhelming at small gatherings so if you have booked a band and need to trim it down ask for an acoustic set instead.

An intimate ceremony to celebrate love is all you really need. With less numbers you will find that the ceremony is much more personal and romantic. Prepare to get emotional at these small ceremonies as the people surround you with love and well wishes. As the day will have a slower pace you can include some personal touches here such as a hand fastening, or a blessing and you can really experiment with the non-traditional. The small guest list is already breaking tradition so it will be less of a shock to your guests. You will find the day is more relaxed and you will find comfort in each of your guests, that is why it is so important to keep it small I mean how can you relax if you are hosting an all day party for 250 people? With micro weddings – simplicity is the key, there is no need to over complicate anything.

Your reception should be a relaxed affair. You will have time to plan with detail and add meaningful touches like a friend’s favourite wine on the table, a favourite cocktail available at the bar and favourite foods on the menu. These will go far with your guests. Try and include a lounge area to encourage conversations between your guests. The relaxed ambiance of the day will continue to the reception and you will find the day will naturally be shorter, so starting later is a good idea and you can catch some good photograph’s at sunset. Your food should be of luxury at your reception and a talking point for guests. When feeding less people, you could upgrade to a 5 or even 7 course meal. Cutting a smaller cake packed full of flavour will have more of an effect on your guests in the small setting. Don’t forget you can still incorporate traditions like cutting the cake, speeches and of course the first dance. Music for your micro wedding should be rhythmic rather than a full DJ set and band try a stripped back acoustic set from a favoured singer/songwriter.

If you have had to whittle down your guest list and want to include more people you might want to think about live streaming your celebration. This can easily be done by one of your guests on the day via zoom or Facebook live. You will want to record this for those who might not be able to watch at the time and for your own memories too. Hiring a videographer to capture the day is a great way to share your celebration with people who were unable to make it. You should also ask your photographer to make a slide show that can be sent out afterwards.