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Virtual weddings

19th June 2020

Amy is an events operations executive here at Lysaght and is one of the many brides to be that has had to postpone their wedding.  Some couples just cannot wait to tie the knot and here is how it can be done virtually.

Organising and planning is in my blood, especially weddings. Since lockdown I have been scouring the internet to find ways around the current wedding ban and while it may not be legally binding, plenty of couples have tied the knot virtually. I think I have found the best way to organise and have the big day you dreamed of.


Of course, you need a venue and what better platform than Zoom. This easy to use app means that even your great aunt can get a look at your big day. With Zoom being used for meetings, conferences, wine nights and quiz’s, hopefully your guests will already be able to navigate the app and it can be used on a wide number of devices. Zoom has a few features that will help on the big day too. You will need a pro account but that means you can invite 1000 guests to your wedding and it could be bigger than ever. There is a handy mute button so guests can be seen and not heard. You can switch presenters so all the people you want to be involved on the day can still be involved and the app has a brilliant feature called break out rooms. Break out rooms are like your table plan you can split guests into groups to go and have a little chat amongst themselves.


With the venue all set, you will need to check what is in the video shot and maybe pop a few decorations in there too. Think about where your virtual wedding will take place. Have you got some sort of aisle or do you need to move the sofa out of the way? Is there anything on display you do not want people to see? You could move some plants, photographs and flowers around to make it look more like a wedding venue. has some lovely wedding decorations and the bonus is you won’t have to do much to make that little space look like a small and intimate venue.


Let’s talk about your suppliers. Most of us are sat at home twiddling our thumbs waiting to be able to do what we love. So why not call your florist and ask for your bouquet and buttonhole to be delivered to your door. Call you hair stylist and make up artist and ask for a tutorial for the morning of your wedding. Get in to you personalised dressing gown and get your bridesmaids to do the same. Ask your musicians to play during the ceremony and include your DJ in the party. I can assure you that most people will want to help in some way.


Now… Let’s get to your virtual wedding day. If you think about a ceremony you are going to need someone to officiate and because this is not a legally binding wedding, you can choose anyone. So, if your best man has a way with words why not ask him. If not you can use a celebrant for the day. A wedding ceremony guide can be found easily on the internet and because this person knows and hopefully loves you, your ceremony can be personalised to you. The general order would be  your grand entrance with a song, the welcome speech, music or a reading, vows/promises, exchanging of the rings, sign your promises (if this is something you want to do) and the all-important kiss. A few things to remember… Walk slowly down the aisle just in case there is a delay, I am pretty sure everyone will want a good look at you and if you are moving too fast they wont see you properly. Be clear when you are talking. This bit may get emotional so just take your time so everyone can hear you.


With most normal weddings you would now get to have a drink at a drinks reception or have access to a bar so it’s time to pop that bubbly and pour yourselves a glass. Now would be a really good time for the speeches. All of your family can still be involved as your host can switch to different presenters to speak and toast the new couple. You might find that lots of people will want to speak up and congratulate you. It would be really nice for you and your partner to say thank you for joining you on this special day.


There are a few traditions at weddings that you can include from home. The first task as a couple is to cut the cake and it is said if the cake remains standing after being cut by the couple, the marriage will be long and healthy and what is a celebration without cake anyway? Another tradition is the first dance as man a wife. Set the scene here with the lights dimmed and the music loud. This will naturally take you and your guests into the evening party to continue celebrating with your friends and family late into the night.