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Lysaght Live

Music and Dance has been the foundation of Lysaght since 1928. The Lysaght Institute has seen live music fill the ballroom for over 91 years. We wanted to support local artists and keep sharing the love of music... with you!

For the love of music....we miss our events!
Lysaght has been the community hub of celebrations since 1928. We have had the honour of being able to watch and dance the night away to acoustic artists, Choirs, Live bands and The Voice contestants. The Ballroom has been filled with music and laughter for over 91 years.. until now!

We want to be able to bring that enjoyment to your homes during this strange time but beyond once a month with local amazing artists sharing their awesome voices and abilities as musicians.

We are in awe of what they do to keep us entertained and bring happiness through music to every moment in our lives.

So let us introduce Lysaght Live... where every month local artists will be given the platform to show their voice.