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Keep the memories alive

We hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane, hopefully it has triggered some memories of your own. This timeline and this story is the legacy and story of Newport, it is so deeply embedded in Newport in so many different ways. 

We hope that this timeline will continue to grow and be added to and become a rich tapestry, full of memories, experiences and moments in time. 

If you have a story you would like to share with us please email, with Lysaght memory in the subject box. Please leave us as much detail as you can.

We would like to thank the unwavering support, guidance, knowledge and enthusiasm of the following; 

Staff from Linc Cymru that have co-ordinated, scheduled and supported us in this project, the staff, volunteers and friends of our wonderful Lysaght Institute, which is at the heart of this story. Thanks to the Peoples Collection Wales, our wonderful local schools and their pupils, Newport Library, Gwent Archives, Fusion, The Orb Steelworks, The Transporter Bridge and Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge, Operasonic, the students of Lliswerry High, Linc Cymru's independent living schemes. Thanks also to all of our researchers, storytellers, archivists, film makers, artists and everyone else that we haven't mentioned here. A special mention must also go to Stephen Berry for supplying so many wonderful photographs, memories and stories to support our project. If we haven't mentioned you, we haven't forgotten you, there are far too many people to be thankful to. Finally, our thanks must go to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, who made this entire project possible.